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    ag真人国际馆 www.1133prlp.cn 科学技术的发展已经将人们带入了信息时代,而软件产业又是信息技术的核心,示范性软件学院的创建正是国家重视和大力发展信息产业极具眼光的战略决策。因此,软件学院肩负着为国家培养、输送高级软件人才的重任,同时也面临着难得的发展机遇。




    Dean's Message:

    The development of science and technology has brought people into the information age. Software industry is the core of information technology, so establishment of demonstrative schools of software is exactly a forethoughtful strategic decision that the nation made in order to strengthen and actively develop information industry.Consequently, school of software not only assumes the responsibility of training and feeding the qualified software talents to the nation, but also faces a valuable challenge and opportunity.

    We will persist in high quality internationalized and engineering school-running concept, rely on Central South University's education resource and advantages in the discipline of information, and target at cultivating high level, practical, compound internationalized software talents. We will also collect the teachers' and students' wisdom, emphasize the key work, grasp the development opportunity, and meet future challenge, thus building our school into a practical software talents training base with domestic and foreign influence.

    You’re welcome to join in us. We will get you feel a strong earnest academic atmosphere in pursuit of predominance, combatant spirit of factualism, innovation and constantly striving, and vigorous campus culture. Our school will provide every student with broad sky where you can fly. All of you can definitely increase the thriving source of vitality and bring infinite hope for this burgeoning school.

    Today central south university is molding your life, and then you will create a more bright future for this university tomorrow.

    院长: 陈志刚


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